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Welcome to the Webware project's Wiki site. This Wiki was created in October 2001, using the Webware framework. Its purpose is to facilitate discussion about Webware: its design, its use and its future. This Wiki is intended to supplement, not replace, the Webware homepage, webware lists and docs . If you have questions, rather than comments, please use the lists. If you are contributing code patches or notes that are worthy of inclusion in the Webware docs, please post to the lists as well.

Starting Points

Python Propaganda Who Is Using Webware?
Webware Propaganda Can Webware handle it?

Tips for Using Webware

ApplicationDesign How to design your webware application.
WebServerIntegration How to integrate Webware with various webservers.
WebwareRecipes Detailed explanations on how to accomplish common tasks.
RealtimeCharts Tools to generate charts on demand.
DatabaseIntegration Detailed explanations and links to tools for working with databases.
TroubleshootingFAQ Things that have tripped people up.
WebwareSecurity How to secure your Webware applications.
WebwareHosting What to look for in a host.
ModRewriteRecipes Apache's mod_rewrite: the solution to all questions regarding URLs, eliminating Webware-specific parts of the URL, and dealing with virtual hosts.
Web-Commerce E-Commerce, Credit cards, dynamic pricing, etc.
MiscTips A catch-all for items that don't fit anywhere else.

Webware Documentation

WebwareNews News items from the webware project, in chronological order
TransactionAnatomy Describes the internal process for handling a transaction.
CompatibilityInformation Documents all known compatibility issues between Webware, Python, and third-party modules.

Off-Site Documentation

Building a Pop-Up Calendar:
Off-Site Tutorial to a simple calendar control.
Introduction to Webware:
Offsite: from a talk at LinuxTag 2002 (50% Webware, 50% MiddleKit)


Discussion on Improving Webware

This is a copy of the current Webware/WebKit/Docs/Future.txt document.
Jan 2005 - Summary of discussion on mailing lists about what we should work on in the near future.
An informal wishlist of things people would like to see improved in Webware. Wishes that become planned features are moved from this list to the ToDo list.
A more formal list of improvements that are planned for specific releases (e.g. 0.9).
a list of wishes and todo items that have been completed.
An index of the development sub-projects that are focussed on discussing and implementing specific items on the ToDo list.
An 'unofficial' refactoring of the Webware 0.6 codebase that addresses many of the items on the WishList and ToDo list.
Third-party documents on high-level design issues
Guidelines for submitting patches
Guidelines for Webware Developers (Read this if you want CVS access)
As of March 2005, the Webware source is stored in Subversion. Here is how to access it.
links to other pages that discuss Webware