Webware Cofax

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Cofax, http://www.cofax.org/ -- is the Java software that powers Knight-Ridder newspaper web sites, like http://inq.philly.com/. Very cool, professional stuff.

But it's Java. It needs to be ported to Webware.

Cofax uses a lot of 3rd party libraries, which have Python equivalents, and if you abstract out the servlet and connection and caching stuff (much of which is duplicated by Webware, or will be eventually), what you're left with is a pretty manageable port.

One thing that could stand upgrading is the template system Cofax uses; I'd prefer to use NITF (the news industry's XML vocabulary) and XSLT, but Cheetah should be available too.

I'm very interested in building these kinds of sites, since I pretend to be a Web publisher most of the time, so I'd be interested in working actively with folks on a port.

KendallClark? - 16 Nov 2001